God Waits…For Your New Song Release Date

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.” – Psalm 40:3 (ESV)

A new song? Yeah, I’m doin’ good just to make time to publish a new blog post…finally. By the way, I’ve always liked the live version of 40 much better than the studio recording. As a matter of fact, I love this song…’cause it’s an old song…about singing a new song. So, here ya go, and yes, I’m feeling rather random today.

Anyway, have you ever felt as if your life was in need of a new song to sing, figuratively or literally speaking? It’s like you’re stuck listening to the same crappy top 40 radio station rotation that’s really only playing 20 and so, you hear the same songs come on every 30 minutes! At least the DJ’s prank calls to the local gas station on the morning show keeps things interesting.

Why A “New” Song?

Yet, in the book of Psalms alone, six times we are encouraged to sing to the Lord a new song. So why a “new” song, anyway? Here’s just a few tangled thoughts and jots, dangling down from my own mental knots.

  1. Singing to the Lord a new song draws us closer in new encounters with His presence, and deepens our level of intimacy with Him. I know taking my wife out to the same restaurant on every date can get old after a while and I believe God will/wants to reveal new places in His own heart that we have yet to experience.
  2. New songs are for new victories, new mercies, as well as new ways to stand in awe of His wonder. A new song not only praises God for past victories already won, but also propels us forward, building our faith for the new ones yet to come.
  3. A new song from the Lord can uncover what seems buried inside of us, communicating and articulating what the Holy Spirit is currently doing in our hearts. It can provide framework and a compass of direction for the vision God is revealing, as well as provide the passion we need to fuel that vision. This is important not only for the corporate body, but also on a personal level in cultivating vision.
  4. Above all however, we sing to the Lord a new song simply because He is worthy!

You may never be a songwriter but you can still find your own words that may not necessarily be on the PowerPoint screen during your worship service at church. As a matter of fact, we are encouraged to make music in our hearts to help keep the Spirit-filled life continuously overflowing (Ephesians 5:18-20). If you are not used to singing a new song to the Lord, I’d say start small. Nonetheless start, and it will grow from there as you allow your heart to open in new ways to praise Him!


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5 responses to “God Waits…For Your New Song Release Date

  • Laura Mercer

    Good blog, John. I am not musically inclined, so something I do that helps me ‘sing a new song’ is to put on country music, which I love and feel is very passionate. Country music almost always stirs my spirit and heart, so I put it on and sing my own words to God that matches the melody and rhythm of the music. I guess I am piggy-backing on the gifts and talents of others, but it sure helps! Anyway, thanks for sharing your blog. Good stuff!

  • Sherrie Duran

    Hold yer horses, I’m just trying to be a fan or whatever, lol…

  • Sherrie Duran

    Dude… HELLO!

  • Hannah cobb

    Daddy u are the one who made me luv music I luv u daddy by the way its Hannah

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