Until Belonging Becomes Our Only Belonging – Pt. 1

Intro To My Outro

“Including you who are called to belong to Jesus Christ,” – Romans 1:6 (ESV)

At first glance, this may seem like just another nice verse to place in the small picture frame that had been re-gifted and re-re-gifted, only to find its way back to you, the original owner. “Gee, this looks awfully familiar.” Yet, it’s something we all strive for, because at our very core, we as human beings were primarily created to belong. So many of us however, live out of an orphan spirit in hopes to achieve that belonging.

Sitting on benchFor many years, although I theologically knew the Father’s love and taught it, rarely would it cross inside the parameters of my own heart. Even what would start out as legitimate godly desires given by the Holy Spirit, often would end in an attempt to prove my own worth in exchange for a sense of belonging. Nothing brings confusion more quickly to the life of a believer than a mixture of the pure and the polluted, leaving you…diluted. Furthermore, those who operate out of an orphan spirit will often breed rejection and receive rejection, not knowing why. I call this a…”cycle of rejection”. I know. Amazing. Profound. Wow. Anyway, this is exactly where I found myself, and breaking out was beginning to look impossible.

However, the Holy Spirit began to speak these simple, yet powerful words to my heart over and over again: “John, it’s time you start to live like you belong!” Everything I owned had to fall at the feet of Jesus, until simply belonging to Him became my only belonging to claim. The next several posts will serve as a series of landmarks along my journey through passion, pain and some other dramatic word that starts with “p”, to eventually a new place of freedom. There is no higher calling than to belong and in Christ, we end the same way we began, simply called as lovers of God (Rev. 2:4)!


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