Until Belonging Becomes Our Only Belonging – Pt. 2

Living In Minor Keys

I’ve come to find a soundtrack playing in my mind for almost every situation and occasion in life. The truth is, I’m so right-brained that I have to lean left simply to walk straight. Even while you’ve chosen to randomly shoot the breeze with me during your prohibited coffee break at work, it’s likely that an epic score is playing in the grooves of my brain to fill our short special moment in time together. Which really means, you’ll need to repeat at least half of what you’ve just said, as you caught me in the middle of my own mental musical rehearsal. Some have attempted to diagnose this as ADD, which I vehemently refuse to accept. So okay, where was I? No really, I mean it. Where was I?

Genius BarOh yeah, to recap from awhile back on a previous post (God Waits…For Your New Song Release Date), we are encouraged to sing to the Lord a new song (Psalm 40:3). At the time, my life was in need of a “new song” so to speak, as brokenness had become a broken record. How much fun is that to be around? Really, my heart needed an entirely new playlist that even a team of “genius'” at the genius bar couldn’t fix, while it played like back to back Morrissey stuck on repeat. As most of his songs go, you might find yourself digging for a bottle of antidepressants halfway through the album. Heck, even his name sounds like depression medication. “May I please get a prescription refill on my bottle of Morrissey?” “Crap, I’m all outta Morrissey. Don’t you screw with me today!” And no, I don’t have ADD. And yes, I know EXACTLY where I’m going with this!

Surrendering To His Song

As much as I hated my current playlist, I was invested out of presumption. Surely God would honor my hard headed determination clothed in good intentions, and surely the last track will have a different ending this time…this time…this time. Yet often times, God only gives us a glimpse into our destiny, while leaving much of the details unknown. Though God would speak of grand destinations and plans, I was unable to trust that any supposed “detour” was a part of them. Furthermore, I believe many of the “unknowns” concerning God and His plans are designed to keep us from circumventing relationship with Him along the journey. It’s not so much about the road of destiny we’re walking on, as much as it’s about our walk with Him along the way. Does He have super amazing plans for you and I? Is it His desire to reveal them to us? Absolutely, though not at the expense of experiencing our highest calling, to simply belong to Him.surrender

“He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” – Zephaniah 3:17b

We are told to sing to the Lord, and yet here He is singing over us! He had His own song to sing, which meant letting go of mine. However, until we allow God to quiet us with His love, we are unable to hear the song of His heart. We will find ourselves in competition with His rhythm and pace of grace. On the other hand, there’s nothing more freeing than being quieted by His love, as we begin to feel His own desire for us consume our desire for control. The greatest impartation we can ever receive from the Holy Spirit is to experience Jesus’ desire for you and I (John 17:24)! And yes, that was my desire to hint at part three.

“The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.” – Psalm 118:14 (ESV)


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